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Why Should we all visit Florida ?


As I previously mentioned, I used to live in Miami years ago for work. I was charmed by the atmosphere of South Beach, the colours, the music, the buildings, the amazing beaches…

I asked Kara – who I introduce in a previous post VISIT FLORIDA with Kara Franker – as a specialist of this state to answer a very simple question to you readers :

                                                     ***Why Should I visit Florida ?***

Gorgeous white sand beaches that stretch for miles, sparkling blue waters and perfect year-round weather – Florida is paradise. I lived in Miami for works years ago so I am a bit familiar with the city and I can agree with Kara ! Here are three really good reasons why you should come visit:

1. Best of the Best Beaches

Nothing beats relaxing in a lounge chair with a cold drink in your hand and your toes in the sand. Our beaches rock! Whether you’d like to catch a wave or sunbathe, our beaches have something for everyone. Here’s a great list from my friend Lauren Tjaden:

Best of the Best Beaches in Florida

2. Amazing Accommodations 

Are you looking for an escape at a luxury resort where you can rekindle a little romance? Florida has some of the best hotels and resorts. One of my favorite hotels is located on a secluded island that is only accessible by boat or seaplane. Check out this video we shot on location:–spa.html

The historic Gibson Inn in - Apalachicola

3. Excellent Entertainment 

There is SO much to do in Florida! Are you a foodie, golfer, beach bum, shopping addict, adventure junkie, spa connoisseur, or all of the above!? There are so many nightlife spots, restaurants, outdoor festivals, water adventures and more for you to check out. If you don’t know where to start, go to and start searching for your perfect activity. We’ll make sure that you have a blast!

Visit Florida

Last year Florida welcomed 91.4 million visitors to the Sunshine State and this year you should be one of them!

I suppose this is 3 very valid reasons as to why I should, actually we should all visit Florida very soon !

Have you ever been to Florida ? Would you like to ?

Pictures by VISIT FLORIDA.

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  1. Been to Miami at least 30 times and could give 30 reasons! Such a great city for all the reasons above and more.

  2. Florida really does have something for everyone’s tastes. Come visit soon!

  3. There is always something to do in Florida ! I love the diversity of entertainment, landscape and culture. It is such a vibrant State…could it be my favourite in the US…. :-)

  4. Great post, I have admittedly never been but would love to. Would feel very glam to do over New Years or something. This time of the year I mostly miss living on the Cote D’Azur but I am sure Florida has beaches to compete…

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