Afternoon Tea at The Brown’s Hotel

Booking your afternoon tea at the Brown’s hotel has always been a safe choice…however for those a little bit more adventurous, they created two new afternoon tea versions that will tickle your senses and palettes… They are called “Tea-Tox” and “Prestige Seasonal Tea Library”.

 The Tea-Tox is for those who love to indulge in moderation without piling up the pounds (let’s not even think about the average intake of calories when having a traditional afternoon tea!!) One part is made of delicate canapés that look more like a selection of  Amuses Bouches and are incredibly tasty. Amongst those you will find for example a chicory leaf with smoked mackerel and a soft boiled quail’s egg, a gem heart leaf with tabbouleh and poached salmon with dill crème fraiche on dark rye bread.

For a little vitamin boost there are fruit skewers (that we would call kebab…because it’s more fun!) with a delicious yoghurt and honey dip “sauce”.

…. And finally for the sweet note that won’t disappoint you, because although too not rich in calories but definitely rich in flavour, you can indulge a delicious orange cake topped with yoghurt, a mix of blueberries served in a chocolate cup, lemon cream and an absolutely flawless chocolate cake.

Now if you do not count the calories…aim for the traditional afternoon tea…so delicious !

Of course you also have your traditional choices of tea that come with this healthy Tea-Tox at a price of £39.50 (£10.00 supplement with a glass of Champagne). When booking this new version of afternoon tea quote “Tea-Tox”, and advance bookings are highly recommended. Call 0207 493 6020.

We were then introduced to the “Prestige Seasonal Tea Library” and went on an interesting journey to the world of tea…. If you are passionate about tea no matter if your knowledge is basic or more advanced, you will enjoy this! Brown’s teamed up with two incredible names within the world of tea, Lalani & Co ( – a London based tea trading company that bases its values on sustainability and the highest quality in seasonal tea, and the award winning British tableware designer Billy Lloyd ( The combination of both is made to perfectionate the art and taste of tea.
Now think of the Prestige Seasonal Tea Library as a tea tasting ceremony similar to a wine tasting, with a very knowledgeable Tea Sommelier (a big thumbs up for Andres who provided us with an excellent service, humor and passion). We started our tasting with the Spring Reserve 2011, LaKyrsiew Garden, a very rare tea from an  organic garden in India.

The way the tea is served is very ceremonial and again reminds of a sommelier decanting a wine. We were served our tea in a Riesling Glass. Not a common practice but the use of a wine glass really enhances the flavour and aroma of the tea. We were able to taste some notes of chocolate and raisin, and then some orange blossom. This and the amazing deep amber colour of the LaKyrsiew transported us somewhere far away from London…!

We then tasted the Himalayan Jade Oolong 2012, Jun Chiyabari Nepal, of which only 15kg were made. The leafs of Jade Oolong  grow in a garden with an altitude of 4,500-6,000ft ! It was served in a Cabernet Sauvignon glass and we could not help but notice the Sauterne colour of this tea, and hence were not too surprised that it perfectly complements pastries.

Our final tasting took us to Gopaldhara Garden, Daarjeeling, the 1st Flush 2012 “The Wonder”, picked from the highest points of the garden in an altitude between 6,800-7,000ft. “The Wonder” is made from a selection of 60 different Darjeeling leafs and with its tropical fruits notes of papaya, mango and tomato vine our favourite one of the day.

Although this truly special, a tea from The Brown’s Prestige Seasonal Tea Library comes at only £7.50, or as a £5.00 supplement with your afternoon tea. So if you like your afternoon tea, you will truly enjoy this slightly different approach to it, we certainly did!

The Brown’s Hotel
Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BP
+44 (0)20 7493 6020
The Brown’s Hotel is a property of

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