Tranquillity Spa at the Virgin Active Swiss Cottage

Tranquillity Spa is located in Virgin Active Swiss Cottage which is a bit surprising at first but once I walked passed the entrance I completely forgot I was in a gym. I did felt a bit guilty not working out before heading to my deep tissue massage though…

Ground Floor entrance Tranquillity Spa

But soon after taking a seat in the large waiting room, my guilt was gone ! Although located in the Virgin Active, Tranquillity Spa is offering all treatments a “regular” spa would from massage, facials, manicure & pedicure, waxing, make up, tanning, IPL hair removal to men’s treatments. It is beautifully decorated with relaxing music, lovely candles and essential oils from the ESPA collection.

First floor, waiting room Tranquillity Spa

Lovely settings for a manicure.

Pedicure chairs.

I tried the new Virgin Active fitness massage using specialised techniques to reduce muscular stress and tension. It was a fantastic massage using the ESPA fitness body oil allowing me to relax and release the stations in my body from my last gym cession. I booked for 1 hour but the treatment is available for 25min and 40min £30.80/£42.90 and the good news is if you are member of Virgin Active Swiss Cottage, a 10% discount will apply !

Treatment room.

Virgin Active Health Club Swiss Cottage – Tranquillity Spa
02 Centre, 255 Finchley Road
London NW3 6LU
Tel : 0207 644 2400

Pictures from Luxury Chic Travel. 

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