111 SKIN skincare range

111 SKIN skincare range has been developed by the surgeon Dr Y.Alexandrides from 111 Harley Street and space scientists. The vision was to offer patients the best anti-ageing and beautifying treatments available, combining both surgical and non-surgical procedures.
111 SKIN range

I am not going to lie, the formula used NAC Y2 and tests brings me to unfamiliar territory… But if a skin range can resist tests in extremes of space and deep sea, surely the range can help me survive the harsh London life !!

I tried the Lift Off 111 NAC Y2 facewash essential cleanser daily for a couple of weeks (130ml at £35.00). I was surprised at first as the product doesn’t create any foam, it says as it is a kind of serum. Using the facewash is very easy, all you have to do is massage gently and rinse with warm water afterwards.

Facewash Cleanser

The cleanser contains rosemary and copper chlorophyll to cleanse the skin and remove all deal cells. On the plus side, the smell is really pleasant and refreshing. The product left my skin looking healthy, soft and clean after the first wash. So it wasn’t difficult to adopt 111 SKIN range products and after using it for a couple of weeks, the results are obvious, a much younger looking, more supple and radiant.

Facewash Cleanser

The 111 SKIN range is available at Harrods Gentlemen’s Lounge, Harrods Beauty Apothecary. To learn more about 111 SKIN, visit http://www.111SKIN.com or to arrange an appointment to speak to a beauty specialist call 020 7467 5847.

Pictures from Luxury Chic Travel and 111 SKIN.

One response to “111 SKIN skincare range

  1. The image of your hands here shows it all that the product you are showing indeed works well on skin. Rosemary is an amazing ingredient and when used in skin care products it minimizes acne and keeps skin healthy. This is a must try product and I am going to grab my share soon.

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