Be pampered at home with Spa by Car

Ladies, if you too wonder how will you find the time to fit all the things you must do in your busy week, I have found the solution for you : Spa by Car

Spa by Car

Spa by Car offers over 50 different mobile beauty & spa treatments from qualified therapists (and insured). The team is really proud to offer the best service possible to their loyal customers in the comfort of your own home. The therapists provide a wide range of treatments from the essential express beauty, the standards and the spa treatments.

Booking an appointment is very easy and what is fantastic is that the therapist will fit her time around yours. Spa by Car is a dream come true for busy ladies, bride to be, pregnant woman, yummy mummies… You can even book a Spa Party  and tailor made the hen party, baby shower, or the bridezilla party you always wanted!

I tried the Luxury Pedicure £50.00 – average treatment time 80min.

Luxury Pedicure Spa by CarThis treatment includes all the same elements as a standard pedicure plus many other steps. After applying Dadi’ oil on my nails (95% organic nail treatment), I had a foot massage and the Essie’s Kirby cream applied. Jodie then brought her “secret weapon”, the heated booties which are use to warm up your feet and encourage the cream to incorporate the skin.

While waiting for the cream to be absorbed, I opted for a 10min head and shoulder massage which made me fall asleep on the sofa!

Luxury Pedicure by Spa by Car

Spa by Car is proud to be using Essie, one of the best quality nail polish in the UK. With amazing colours to choose from Jodie’s case, it was not an easy task to do but I went for a dark green colour, a completely different colour than I would normally go for but being home somehow made me think outside the box !

Essie with Spa by Car

All therapists will bring their own equipment to your home so you do not have to worry about anything except…tidying up the place maybe !

Spa threatments home with Spa by Car

Spa by Car has a minimum spend policy in place for different areas so just call the office to find out yours.

How wonderful it has been to just relax in the comfort of my own home and not worry about rushing back home after a tense tube journey! Spa by Car cover all areas within the M25.
I loved the experience so much that I already booked my next treatment… Call me a Spa by Car fan !

Spa by Car
020 7209 2396

Pictures by Luxury Chic Travel and Spa by Car. 

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