Travel sets by Ickle Bockles

Ickle Bockles specialised in travel size toiletries and travel essentials available to order online All these travel solutions will make your life as a frequent flyer or occasional weekender much easier when the time of packing will come.

I tried the Personal Flight Bag Hers £9.95. The bag contains : Eye Shades, Pen, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Lip Balm, Make-up Remover, Mints, Earplugs, Moisturiser, Refreshing Wipe. Exactly, what I needed for my last short weekend trip. The bag takes so little space that it will fit perfectly in your handbag or cabin luggage. I still can’t believe all those goodies fitted in this bag !

Flight bag Hers - Ickle Bockles

Ickle Bockles offers several travel sets and kits, so up to you to order the ones that answer your needs. I would not use the range for travel only but for the gym and daily, in my handbag especially after trying the Travel Bottles.

I tried and loved the Ickle Bockles – Travel bottles – Original £10.95.

Ickle Bockles - Travel set

The vinyl wash bag contains 3 x 125ml bottles, 1 x 60ml bottle and 2 x 30ml pots. 4 spare screw tops are added and each top is interchangeable so it’s up to you to decide how you want to use them! You can write on the labels to differentiated what is what (ideal for my gym bag!).

The 125ml bottles size exceeds the current EU carry-on rules, but don’t worry, Ickle Bockles already though about it and created a special  Bockle Bank – Flight Friendly bottles.

I was glad to have the Grip Seal Airport Security Bag £0.75 (for three bag) on hand.  I was able to to prepare the bag with my liquids before heading to the airport, completely stress free thanks to Ickle Bockles !

Ickle Bockles - Grip-Seal Airport Security Bags

Babies are huge travellers now, so I am sure this changing bag will please all parents. It contains 4 x 60ml bottles and 2 x 30ml pots plus 4 x child resistant tops. £9.50.

Ickle Bockles - Baby Bockle Bank

Pictures from Luxury Chic Travel and Ickle Bockles.

5 responses to “Travel sets by Ickle Bockles

  1. I am a new user of IB products (did a giveaway on my blog actually!) and I love them. I dread the day when I’m out of them and need to have them shipped over from the UK. Then again, maybe I should fly and get them myself… 😉 I haven’t tried the travel set yet, but love the shower gels and eye mask.

  2. I use them everywhere, for travel, gym, in my handbag…so practical and liquid stays in !!! My favourite is the tea tree shower gel.. You should fly here to pick them up 😉

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