Fiji, where happiness finds you…

Blessed with 333 beautiful tropical islands, and over 110 inhabited ones, Fiji is the destination to head to for a romantic holiday, honeymoon, wedding, weekend breakers visiting Australia and New Zealand, volunteer travellers, or sport junkies,… there is indeed, plenty of space and activities to fit all travellers needs and requirements.

Aquatic sport in the Fiji Islands

tropical islands fiji

The climate in Fiji is amazing from temperatures in the summer on average at 31C and 29C in winter…not really winter to me !

Fiji has its fair share of history which reflects in a very rich and interesting culture, food, traditions. Fijians are such warm and adorable people, seating around the kava, I listened to beautiful love songs and stories from the past… I watched with great interest the warrior dances and I emerged myself into the “Fiji Time” helped by the properties of Kava !!

Kava ceremony, Fiji island

The Fijian cuisine has been influenced by all the diverse community living on the islands : Fijians, Polynesians Indians, Europeans,… I was amazed to taste the best chicken curry of my life, Fijian style ! Coconut is of course being used a lot in the cooking and can be find in cakes, but curry and fresh sea food salad as well.

Fijian food

Fiji tropical islands

Check out the video that was filmed at the event I attended hosted by the High Commissioner of Fiji, the Tourism Fiji… Click on the link to access the video !

How to get there :

Air Pacific (soon to be Fiji Airways) is Fiji’s international carrier that has direct flights from Auckland, Christchurch, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. So if you’re travelling from the UK you will need to change over at one of these cities on the way.

To discover more about the Islands of Fiji, visit and for your chance to win a fantastic trip to Fiji worth over £10,000 visit Tourism Fiji’s facebook page and take the happiness test to find out what kind of happy you are: 

The Fiji Happiness facebook test
A big thank you to the High Commission of Fiji for organising the event… Next time, see you in Fiji !

Pictures from Luxury Chic Travel and Fiji Me.

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  1. I can’t believe I missed this a few years ago…my bad! Darn not being able to fly – I had a trip booked and an accident caused me to miss it literally 1 week before I went…Back on the list!

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