Sôvée, an ecocompatible & marine positive sunscreen

London based skincare company Aethic launched Sôvée, an ecocompatible and marine positive sunscreen in Selfridges to address the global issue that most sunscreens kill coral.

Selfridges was chosen because of the store commitment to the oceans and the Project Ocean summer promotion, now in it’s 3rd year.

Like most women I want a skincare good for myself but for the environment as well and Sôvée offers me this satisfaction.

The sunscreens we use while on holiday kill coral by activating a deadly virus latent in Algae, the primarily food source for coral. Once deprived of this food, the coral bleaches out and in a few hours dies….

The Sôvée formula includes tree of the most photo-stable sun filters available, three organic moisturisers (beeswax, olive oil and coconut extract), vitamin E and only food grade preservatives.


My skin absorbed the sunscreen very easily leaving a soft finish to the it. The smell was too strong for me at first, but it faded a bit after a while to a delicate perfume.

Because of Aethic commitment to use ecocompatible ingredients, you can get tan safely and protect the environment this year !

Sôvée is available at Selfridges and RRP’s are SPF 15 @ £40; SPF 25 @ £44; SPF 40 @ £53.

Pictures by Luxury Chic Travel.

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