Cafe Constant in Paris

After a late morning walk from Le Trocadero to admire the stunning view over the Champs de Mars and the Effel Tower, we directed ourself to Cafe Constant, rue Saint Dominique in the 7th district.

Cafe Constant is a real Parisian bistro offering some of the dishes my Mum or Grand Mother would cook. The tables are tiny, close to each other’s, the atmosphere is friendly, it smells good when you enter. I was charmed by Cafe Constant within seconds !

Cafe Constant in Paris

The menu is very simple : a la carte, starter 11 €, main 16 € and deserts 7 €.

We started our Sunday lunch with a ceviche of salmon, bar & oyster on the shell (rather generous portion for 11euros), a crab salad with rate potatoes and persil that tasted crab, perfectly seasoned.

salmon, bar & oyster tartare at Cafe Constant Paris

Crab Salad, rate potapoes and persil at Cafe Constant Paris

Little did I notice after a while that our waiter kept refiling our bread basket ! French hospitality 🙂

Main course, without any hesitation, we went for the “cordon bleu” (veal scallop stuffed with cheese and ham) with homemade pasta. Mon Dieu ! I still dream about.

Escalope de veau "cordon bleu" at Cafe Constant Paris

After 2 delicious and perfectly cooked dishes, desert had to be extra special to top it up and oh man it did…an incredible two huge profiteroles were presented to me (the Chefs at Cafe Constant are definitely not shy to spoil their guests!) with a vanilla ice cream and a generous serving of hot chocolate sauce.

Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce at Cafe Constant in Paris

Dishes change daily at Cafe Constant so if you are in Paris you have no excuse to come back time after time.

Cafe Constant was a fantastic experience in Paris, that I can only recommend you. Make sure you arrive before 12.30pm for lunch as it gets busy extremely quickly (no booking). From food to service, ambiance to bill, absolutely faultless.

Would I plan another trip to Paris just to have lunch at Cafe Constant ? Definitely 😉

Cafe Constant
139 Rue Saint-Dominique
75007 Paris
Pictures by Luxury Chic Travel. 

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