Deliveroo – Room Service at Home !

The food you love, delivered to your door, Deliveroo promised when I checked the website. On a cold Sunday evening it sounded just perfect ! Ordering is super easy, as you can see, you can order from you Iphone. Enter the postcode of delivery , a time and  several restaurant options will be presented to you. Then you just have to pick the restaurant you want and the items you would like to order.

Deliveroo order page from an iphone

Deliveroo order page from an iphone.. could not be easier !

Deliveroo works with some great restaurants’ brand such as Obika, Tommi’s Burger Joint, Comptoir Libanais,… It takes on average 32 min for a the order to be delivered and it can be done to your house, or to your office for just £2.50 delivery fee. Now that is what I call a revolution !


Deliveroo by Basuba Eathai

I ordered my dinner from Basuba Eathai. The delivery arrived bang on time and still hot. I was able to present my beloved husband a delicious Sunday evening dinner in no time or effort. No I lie, I did some work too…I plated the dinner 😉

I have never been a fan of home delivery food but Deliveroo is different, it only works with leading independent and chain restaurants across the city and therefore represent those brands which is a great responsibilities. Quality of food and service is paramount as I experienced. I fear it is a service I might get addicted…

Twitter : @deliveroo
Orders to be place : 


Pictures from Luxury Chic Travel.

Luxury Chic Travel was a guest of Deliveroo.


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