Urban Massage, the on demand massage app

Urban Massage iPhone - lady

If like me you are attached to your Iphone by the hand and always on the look out for apps that will make your life easier, Urban Massage app is definitely an app that will save you time by providing you a great service at home.Urban Massage app

Loading the app literally takes seconds and a massage can be booked within the hour so just on time for you to be home from work ! You then enter your postcode and choose the date and time, from then a selection of massages will be listed (see below) so up to your preferences.

Urban Massage - app massage list

I get massages very often because I have a bad back so it helps me ease the pain but I hate having to go back in the tube after a relaxing moment. So for me a home massage is perfect. After the massage 1h or 1h30, all you have to do is fold back your towels till next time !

The good news is you are now entitle to £10 off your 1st booking with Urban Massage when quoting : P-LUXURY ! Enjoy 😉

urban-massage-promotion code

The service is currently available in London zones 1-4.

Massages on offer :

Urban Classic – A calming and relaxing experience to help reduce stress
Deep Tissue – An effective treatment to relax stiff muscles
Pregnancy – Relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and decrease swelling
Sports – Designed to relieve and prevent muscle strains and complications
Calming – De-stress, detox and achieve a sense of peace and harmony
Energising – Designed to restore, refresh and re-energise your full body
Anti-Cellulite – Tones your skin, helps blood circulation and revitalizes you
Thai Yoga – Improves posture, breathing, digestion, flexibility and blood circulation


Pictures from Luxury Chic Travel and Urban Massage. Luxury Chic Travel was a guest of Urban Massage. 

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