Songkran – Thai New Year !

My only regret…except if you count the one I had to leave Thailand is that we left too early to experience The Songkran Festival !


Songkran is the Thai New Year celebration and last 3 days ! 3 days of water play fun, splashing locals and visitors alike with buckets of water, water pistols and super soakers as they gather in the streets. Many tourists travel to Thailand during those dates as the atmosphere is fantastic. If you do, you will definitely require to embrace the fun and will be soaked wet so be ready to have fun 😉 The Songkran Festival is from 13th to 15th April as it fell on a Monday this year, celebrations started over the weekend !



Thai Aiways for i.e is even including special deserts to their meal during the Songkran Festival, now that’s a sweet way to celebrate New Year 😉

Thai Airways Songkran deserts

The traditional water pouring is meant as a symbol of washing away all of people’ sins and the bad and is sometimes filled with fragrant herbs when celebrated in the traditional manner. It is a time when Thai go back to their hometowns to meet their elders, go to Temples…



Few tips for the Songkran festival :

* Protect yourself ! meaning buy a couple of water pistols to fight back 😉
* Protect your papers, camera, phone with waterproof equipment. Ideally invest in disposable waterproof camera if you really want to take pictures.
* Dress appropriately. There is no turning around, you will end up soaked wait ! It is not a wet t-shirt competition in Magaloof so respect is a must, best is to wear a short and t-shirt of colour.
* Take only the necessary. Leave any valuables at home like jewels, phone, money…

“Sawasdee Pee Mai”

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