Bassoon Bar @ Corinthia Hotel London

Saturday evening, we headed to Bassoon Bar at the Corinthia London Hotel for a couple of drinks. What an elegant and intimate bar…of course, it had to be designed by David Collins Studio, absolutely perfect !

Bassoon Bar by David Collins Studio

Bassoon Bar

It was relatively quiet for a Saturday night, but I was told the bar is mostly busy after dinner with the Jazz Band so my tip for securing for a sure a romantic corner or a larger table with friends, come between 7pm and 10pm.

Bassoon Bar at Corinthia London

Stefano, always made the best Negroni in town so I was delighted to find him at the Bassoon Bar. Ipad was given to me instead of a printed menu, which I trully enjoyed, very entertaining and educational for those who do not know much about cocktails. But I did not need much time to order, of course, it had to be a Negroni…

Negroni at Bassoon Bar

Looking around me and facing the bar, it is easy to say that not only the cocktails are great but the presentation is stunning.

Bassoon Bar

You should visit Bassoon Bar because it is lavish and discreet, offers one of the best Negroni in town AND most evenings you can enjoy live music !

Now who is joining me next time ?

Basson Bar
Corinthia Hotel London
10 Whitehall Place,
London SW1A 2BD

Pictures by Luxury Chic Travel.

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