British Airways – Changes to hand baggage allowances

I absolutely hate packing. I hate it with passion but when my beloved airline, British Airways announced new regulations on hand luggage allowances, my heart just sank ! It took me years to agree to squeeze all my possession in one small luggage and incentived by BA, I took the plunge and did it.  For now being told, my luggage need to be even smaller , I JUST CAN’T !!

Luxury Chic Travel Luggage

A girl can’t travel with less than 2 pairs of shoes ??!!!

The new changes which will be introduced on 18 August and are as follow:
“• You can continue to carry 2 pieces of hand baggage. One bag should be a handbag/laptop sized bag which should now be no larger than 40x30x15cm. (euh…do you have a measuring tape for me please??!! )
• The size of your additional cabin bag remains unchanged and should be no larger than 56x45x25cm and can weigh up to 23kgs. Find out more about our hand baggage allowance and generous free checked baggage allowance for eligible fares. (They’ve lost me by now…!)
• Customers travelling in all cabins, except First and Club World will receive a yellow tag for handbag/laptop sized bags which are within the new dimensions. We guarantee that you can take this bag on board with you. Please have the tag visible for boarding and place the bag under the seat in front of you.
• Customers who travel with hand baggage which is outside of their allowance will be asked to check this into the hold.
• On very busy flights we may have to ask some of our customers to check bags without yellow tags into the hold if the overhead lockers are full. ”

British Airways plane

Not sure what you think about those new changes but for me, it proves the new “discounted” rates British Airways was offering for those travelling with only hand luggages failed to work. It completely backlashed as ever more people tried to save on luggage cost and overloaded their hand luggages. Food for thoughts….

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