Ushvani Spa

When East meet West in Chelsea…Ushvani Spa is hidden behind the heavy and impressive doors of No.1 Cadogan Gardens. I rang the door and the lovely Spa Manager welcomed me to the enchanted world of Ushvani Spa…

The blend of style between the Malaysian influence and this Edwardian building was very surprising at first but I must say it works perfectly well together. It actually made me feel very much at home and all wrapped up in a cocoon. Ushvani Spa philosophy is based on Asian culture that focuses on spiritual harmony and natural treatments.

Ushvani spa

I was booked for a Balinese massage which I never had before so I was very open to this new treatment. I must say, I loved it, 90 min of pure bliss.

The treatment started with a back and shoulder massage (very different technique than the Thai massage for i.e no hard pressure) then my legs. It also included a stomach massage…which was surprisingly comfortable, it helps to boost your metabolism and release tension. As my therapist said, we often forget that stress can affect your stomach – not only the back. By then, I was the most relaxed I have ever been in a long time… The treatment continued with a small facial, head and neck massage and there I was….half snoring on the table!

Ushvani Spa Room

All products are bespoke and made of natural herbs, spices and flowers in Malaysia or inspired by the country. The smell of the oils used during my massage were amazing ! most probably the best I ever had a treatment with. I did not want to use the shower to wash off the oil and waited to be home for that to let the oil penetrate the skins much further.

Relax in the Tea room after enjoying your massage...ideal to catch up with friends !

Relax in the Tea room after enjoying your massage…where tea, juice, dried fruits and nuts will be served to you.

Reserved to Ladies only, the spa pool is ideal for pre treatment relaxation.

Reserved to Ladies only, the spa pool is ideal for pre treatment relaxation.

I loved that at the end, I was not forced to listen to the therapist trying desperately to sell me some products, which I am afraid happens each time I go to a luxury spa.

Ushvani spa

Saying goodbye to Ushvani Spa was not an easy task to do…returning back to the “real” life seemed like the hardest thing to do…but I left feeling recharged and at peace with myself.

A 90 min Balinese massage cost £180, including the use of the spa pool, steam room and relaxation room, for Ladies only.

Ushvani Spa
1 Cadogan Gardens, Knightsbridge
London SW3 2RJ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7730 2888

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