About Me !

Passionate about travels since a young age, I have been fortunately to visit many countries such as France, UK, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, USA, Norway, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Senegal, Lebanon, Brazil, Thailand…and live in some of them too !

I love sharing my experiences with readers from around the world. Impeccable service is crucial for me, hospitality is my industry therefore I understand hoteliers, standards and what luxury really means.

If you want to work with me, get in touch, but just to let you know :

  • PR samples & complimentary stay will not influence my judgement and therefore will only include a review on this blog if I was satisfied. Please note that outside London transportation cost must be taking care of.
  • Sponsor post will only be consider if I already know the product or brand. I do not accept all the requests, I must make sure the post will be beneficial for my readers and my blog. Fee to apply.
  •  Social media : if you would like me to help you promote your brands via my social media tool : Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Fee to apply.
  • Social media for your hotel, restaurant, spa : if you would like me to help you develop your social media plan to reach new target customers, travel agents, guests… Fee to apply.
  • Sales representation available. Fee to apply.

Where to find Luxury Chic Travel ? Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of course…

All the pictures are mine, unless stated otherwise on the picture. Should you wish to use a picture, please get in touch !

To contact me :

Luxury Chic Travel xx

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